Having fun with Kinect and 3ds Max

Just dropped Kinect libs to 3ds Max. It does pretty nothing at the moment, only displace candida-3 parametric face. However maybe later we'll be able to make some usefull plug-in of it. Oh, one thing. Kinect does not like musetaches :)

Mental Ray support is coming soon.

We are adding mental ray suppor for Dynamic Textures Box1. There is the render shot of Distance Texture with. Hope in a week or so it will be available in our downloads.

Happy Easter!

"This is a time of hope and peace, when our spirits are filled and lifted. It's a time when we give thanks for our blessings-chief among them, freedom, peace, and the promise of eternal life" Ronald Reagan (April 2, 1983)

Dynamic Textures Box1 Posted

We get back to life this stuff. Five 3ds Max texture plug-ins are posted for free to our downloads page. Amzainging dynamic effects can be crated with Dynamic Textures Box 1.

3ds Max 'Deformation Texture'

'Deformation Texture' is the very first of Dynamic Textures I have developed  a while ago.  Blends 3 colors/sub-textures dur to object's suface streatch or compression.

3ds Max 'Interior Texture'

It's anoher pretty old stuff we going to bring back to life with 'Distance Texture'. This one blends 3 colors/sub-textures basing on point location relatively the surface of specified object: inside or outside. Coming soon.

Gonna Post Some Free Stuff

I have dug out some stuff I made 9 years ago! :)  It is the set of pretty neat parametric 3ds Max texture plug-ins which  blend colors or sub-textures basing on the distance to objects, speed or deformation.  There is  the movie of 'Distance Texture' which mixes colors of  Ukrainan flag .We gonna post it to the web pretty soon. It will be available for free.

Development Services are Back

It was an exciting period of my live working with Joe Alter, the creator of amazing tool for hair generation, styling and visualization. A lot of challenges are behind and bazillion of the code written. I am very thankful to Joe for this time. But 'changes'  are the nature and demand of life.  So equipped with lots of new experience I am looking for new adventures. Only making the step forward it's possible to understand what is "the adventure is a reward".

We started to provide the development services of the 3ds Max and Maya plug-ins, scripting (MEL, Maxscript, Python), tools development , graphics development (OpenGL, GLSL, DirectX, HLSL, CgFx) and any related stuff.

You are welcome to Dimension Gears Developments!

How to get OpenGL function pointer for different platforms.


You can do it using PROC WINAPI wglGetProcAddress( LPCSTR lpszProc); The name of the OpenGL  1.1 (and better) or windows specific WGL function  you want retrieve pointer should be passed as parameter. Note, the name is case-sensitive.   This function only works in the presence of a valid OpenGL context. Indeed, the function pointers it returns are themselves context-specific.  


Use void* glXGetProcAddress(const GLubyte* procName) function  or  void* glXGetProcAddressARB(const GLubyte* procName) to get leagacy ARB extentions.  Same as in Windows case you need pass exactly matching  function name as parameter.  Linux specific GLX names can be passed as well.

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Your first step - ADN

If you are going to develop plug-ins for 3ds Max or Maya, your first step should be application for membership in Autodesk Developer Network (ADN). However it does not work if you are an artist. ADN member benefits include (from wiki):

Autodesk ADN

  • Website – Most of the ADN program benefits are available through the members-only website. This includes a knowledge base of technical solutions and white papers.
  • Software – Development licenses for almost all Autodesk products. These products are available for download on the ADN website. This includes early access to pre-release software.
  • Support – Unlimited online technical support from a dedicated team of software engineers.

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