How to get OpenGL function pointer for different platforms.


You can do it using PROC WINAPI wglGetProcAddress( LPCSTR lpszProc); The name of the OpenGL  1.1 (and better) or windows specific WGL function  you want retrieve pointer should be passed as parameter. Note, the name is case-sensitive.   This function only works in the presence of a valid OpenGL context. Indeed, the function pointers it returns are themselves context-specific.  


Use void* glXGetProcAddress(const GLubyte* procName) function  or  void* glXGetProcAddressARB(const GLubyte* procName) to get leagacy ARB extentions.  Same as in Windows case you need pass exactly matching  function name as parameter.  Linux specific GLX names can be passed as well.



Use void * aglGetProcAddress (char * pszProc);  This one works same same way as wglGetProcAddress() and  glXGetProcAddress();

 Basically you can define macro and use it for any of these platforms:

#if defined WIN32
#  define getGlFncPtr(name) wglGetProcAddress((LPCSTR)name)
#elif defined OSMac_
#  define getGlFncPtr(name) aglGetProcAddress(name)
#elif defined LINUX
#     define getGlFncPtr(name) (*glXGetProcAddressARB)((const GLubyte*)name)
#  else
#     define getGlFncPtr(name) (*glXGetProcAddress)((const GLubyte*)name)
#  endif

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