A couple of words about me. I am excited of 3D graphics and programming so joined these two things in programming the tools for 3D artists. Love to do it! Currently I have a position of Software Engineer in Joe Alter Inc. I am working over a couple of products here. The first one is Hair&Fur modifier which is shipped as a part of 3ds Max. And also over LipService (LBrush). This is a tool for digital sculpting and character animation. If you are creating some characters within 3ds Max or Maya then it is for you! I believe you’ll like it. Also I’m developing the TruePainter, my own product. I am spending almost all of my free time for it. This plug-in will allow digital artists to draw over their models without leaving 3ds Max and not to bother with exporting/importing to some external painting applications. And even more! It can make them free from bothering with UV mapping!


Me with my daughter

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