LipService (was LBrush) 3.0 released


Joe Alter released LipService 3.0 in November. The 3ds Max's plug-in for digital sculpting and animation. There is pretty good review in CG Society News. The price of single license is 99$ now. But I believe you'll find that it worth greater more.

LipService (was LBrush) 3.0


LipService Features:

Multi-Resolution Meshes LipService has a powerful subdivision surface engine built right into the plugin. Sculpting and animation can occur on any subdivision level.

Sculpting LipService has two types of sculpting, sculpt and brush. With the sculpt tools, an artist drags around big regions of geometry - with the brush tools you can paint fine and midrange details. Both work with falloff curves, stencils, texture stamps, and symmetry. Tools include move, twist, pinch, stretch, smudge, blend, blur, flatten and inflate.

Brush Control LipService's brushes have an editable falloff curve. Additionally artists can create a custom brush out of any color texture. LipService's brush also responds to tablet pressure.

Texture Painting/Baking While sculpting with a brush, an artist can also turn on vertex color so that they can simultaneously paint details that are reflected both in geometry and color. The artist can also bake out color or displacement information into high quality texture, normal, and displacement maps.

Stencils The artist can treat the color channel as a temporary stencil to mask brush edits to the geometry.

Selections LipService has a number of selection and visibility tools that make it easy for an artist to manage and mix selections while sculpting

Animation LipService at it's heart is a facial animation tool. We take a different approach to shape animation both in terms of user interface, and in terms of interpolation. Our shape interpolation is curvilinear, not a morph. Animation passes through the target smoothly without the artist having to create additional shapes to ease in and ease out of a position. Our point and click target interface allows the artist to quickly create animation of lip sync. Our animation layering and puppeteering make it easy to add emotional nuance.

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