Your first step - ADN

If you are going to develop plug-ins for 3ds Max or Maya, your first step should be application for membership in Autodesk Developer Network (ADN). However it does not work if you are an artist. ADN member benefits include (from wiki):

Autodesk ADN

  • Website – Most of the ADN program benefits are available through the members-only website. This includes a knowledge base of technical solutions and white papers.
  • Software – Development licenses for almost all Autodesk products. These products are available for download on the ADN website. This includes early access to pre-release software.
  • Support – Unlimited online technical support from a dedicated team of software engineers.


  • Conferences – Eligibility to attend members-only ADN conferences. These include early previews of future software releases, and access to Autodesk product engineers and experts.
  • Training and Consulting – Some membership levels include eligibility for free API training and telephone consulting delivered by ADN engineers. The same engineers are available for on-site ‘programmer to programmer’ consulting.
  • Marketing – Access to a wide range of marketing resources, such as direct mail, industry events and tradeshows, and the internet. There is a dedicated Partner Products and Services catalogue on the main Autodesk website where members can list their products, and sell them online - Members can also use Autodesk partner and product compatible logos.

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