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Having fun with Kinect and 3ds Max

Just dropped Kinect libs to 3ds Max. It does pretty nothing at the moment, only displace candida-3 parametric face. However maybe later we'll be able to make some usefull plug-in of it. Oh, one thing. Kinect does not like musetaches :) more »

Gonna Post Some Free Stuff

The set of pretty neat parametric 3ds Max textures will be available for free soon. They blend colors or sub-textures basing on distance to objects, speed or deformation.  There is  the move of 'Distnace Texture' . more »

Your first step - ADN

If you are going to develop plug-ins for 3ds Max or Maya, your first step should be application for membership in Autodesk Developer Network (ADN). However it does not work if you are an artist. ADN member benefits include (from wiki): Website… more »

Stand-alone vs. Integrated (I)

Stand-alone and Integrated (plug-ins) Tools from user's view. Definitely some kind of stuff can exist only as plug-ins of some powerful 3D software packages like 3ds Max (Textures, Materials, Modifiers etc.) and Maya (Shading Nodes, Deformers etc.) B… more »

LipService (was LBrush) 3.0 released

Joe Alter released LipService 3.0 in November. The 3ds Max's plug-in for digital sculpting and animation. There is pretty good review in CG Society News. The price of single license is 99$ now. But I believe you'll find that it worth greater more.… more »